An Interview with Ralph Greenburg

 Historic Semiconductor Devices and Applications


Oral History -  Ralph Greenburg (Continued) 


Below are links to additional Oral History material provided by Ralph Greenburg.

(Note: These articles by Ralph Greenburg originally appeared in the Motorola Retirees Club Newsletter, and are used with permission.)


[1] The Early Days

Ralph provides a real “hands on” recollection of the early days of Motorola transistor technology.  


[2] Swimming with the Sharks

A young Ralph Greenburg makes a presentation at an IRE regional conference in 1956 with Bill Shockley as one of the speakers.


[3] Peltier Gives Hogan the Cold Shoulder

Although Motorola was a major manufacturer of a variety of semiconductor devices, there was at least one unique semiconductor, “the Peltier cooler”, that was never a Motorola product.  Ralph’s comments on an early evaluation of this product with Lester Hogan.


[4]  Seminar Shenanigans

In this article, Ralph highlights a few interesting “Motorola Semiconductor Applications Seminars” that stand out from the many seminars he attended.


[5] Dave Adley's Electric Runabout

Although gas was inexpensive in the 1960s, one of the engineers in the Motorola Semiconductor Application group developed an “Electric Runabout” using a three-wheeled motorcycle and germanium power transistors.  Ralph describes this project and how it ended unexpectedly on the golf course. 



As solid state technology replaced vacuum tubes in many applications in the 1960s, Ralph describes an interesting and less than spectacular application.   



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Oral History – Ralph Greenburg

These Audio Links are Excerpts

from a 2008 Interview with

Ralph Greenburg.


Joining Motorola in 1954 

Ralph Greenburg Audio Clip #1



Early Motorola Germanium Transistors and Applications

Ralph Greenburg Audio Clip #2



The Motorola Power Transistor Story

Ralph Greenburg Audio Clip #3



Dale Kelley Develops the TO-3 Diamond Shape Power Transistor Case

Ralph Greenburg Audio Clip #4



Testing Germanium Power Transistors and Silicon Devices are Made

Ralph Greenburg Audio Clip #5



Developing the Classic Motorola Semiconductor Handbooks

Ralph Greenburg Audio Clip #6






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