An Interview with Ralph Greenburg

 Historic Semiconductor Devices and Applications



“Motorola established a small Military Electronics R&D center on North Central Ave. in Phoenix.  Research was also started on solid-state technology.” 


“The Research Center outgrew the original facility and a new building was constructed at 3102 N. Ingleside Drive (soon to be 56th street) across the road from the Arizona Country Club.”





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Ralph has been active in the Motorola Retirees Club for many years and was elected president in 1998.  The photos and descriptions of early Motorola semiconductor facilities and activities highlighted in this Oral History were originally developed by Ralph for publication in the Nov 1999 25th anniversary issue of the Retirees Club publication, and are used with permission.




“Census at the Research center had rapid expansion as military contracts were awarded from companies such as North American Aviation.  Also, a small signal Germanium Transistor production line was underway…… Dr. Virgil Bottom led the Semiconductor effort, ably assisted by managers such as Dr. William Taylor, an expert in Power Transistors, and Andy Jabobsen who was building a fledgling Applications Engineering Dept.  Everyone, of course, reported upward to the legendary Dr. Daniel Noble who fathered all this activity.  As space again became scarce, some offices were moved across the street in a rented house and plans were laid for another facility.”  


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