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Oral History Neville Fletcher (Continued)


Perhaps because of the industrial implications, there were few of the interactions and conference presentations that are so common today. Indeed I remember giving only one conference paper and one seminar on my transistor work during 1955. I also recall the drama of frantic efforts to produce sample power diodes (1N93?) for a Signal Corps tender, and the trauma when the contract went to another company and one third of the CTP staff (not including me!) was dismissed the same day. Perhaps it was partly that episode that kept me in the safe area of University and Government employment in future years!





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A comprehensive interview with Neville Fletcher, conducted by the Australian Academy of Science, can be found on the web at:

Neville Fletcher AAS Interview










These two photos were included by Professor Fletcher in his 1955 paper. "Some aspects of the design of power transistors" Proc. I.R.E. 43, 551-559 (1955). The top photo illustrates the designs developed by Fletcher (from X-78 to multi-bar). The bottom photo shows the actual transistors that were developed using these designs.


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