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The Audio Links on This Page are Excerpts from an Interview Conducted with Professor Fletcher in July 2003.







X-78 Power Transistor Oscillator

Designed and built by Neville Fletcher over 50 years ago, the X-78 germanium power transistor, shown in the top photo on page 2, still exhibits transistor action. You can hear an audio segment produced by this unit, connected in a Colpitts oscillator, at this following link:


X-78 Historic Power Transistor

Audio Segment














Describing the Types of Semiconductors Made by Transistor Products Inc. in 1953.

Neville Fletcher Audio Clip #1


Designing the X-78 Power Transistor During Summer Vacation in 1953.

 Neville Fletcher Audio Clip #2


Describing the Merged and Expanded Company, Clevite Transistor Products,  in 1954.

Neville Fletcher Audio Clip #3



Working at Clevite Transistor Products in 1955, Developed the Principles of the “Inter-digitated”

 Power Transistor Design.

Neville Fletcher Audio Clip #4



How Germanium Alloy Junction Transistors Were Made.

Neville Fletcher Audio Clip #5



Returning to Australia in 1956 and Beginning an Academic Career

 in Cloud Physics.

Neville Fletcher Audio Clip #6




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