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Oral History – Neville Fletcher (Continued)





The top photo shows two experimental germanium power transistors from companies other than Transistor Products.  The SX155A was developed at the RCA Labs in Princeton NJ and was the basis for the 2N301 commercial transistor.  The GT551 is a pre-production version of the Sylvania 2N68 and 2N95 commercial transistors.  The bottom photo is a 2N1029B commercial germanium power transistor manufactured in 1962 by Clevite Transistor – CT sold 100,000’s of this type of transistor, which was based directly on Neville Fletcher’s work a decade earlier at TP.   



Oral History – Neville Fletcher (Continued)


What summary remarks would you care to make regarding your research and experiences in the 1950s with very early power transistor technology?


The design and production of semiconductor devices in the 1950s, at least at TP, was largely an intuitive operation, though we did have two senior PhD physicists (Geoff Knight and Paul Richards) and two experienced engineers (Al Dulac and Dave Humez) working on more basic problems in areas rather different from my own.  It was a great team to work with and I enjoyed my time there.  A few years later I was invited back to work with the Shockley Laboratories, but by then I was happily settled back in Australia with a young family and did not want to move.


Having all aspects of production in the same small organisation gave me a great breadth of experience which I valued in later years, and I even found that ice, on which I later worked, is a protonic semiconductor, so that much of this knowledge could be applied directly in a new field! 




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