Elmer Wolff Jr Oral History –  Continued


Here are two photos relating to various aspects of Mr. Wolff’s early transistor work at TI.  The top photo is a plaque presented to him on the 25th anniversary of the introduction date of the Regency TR1 radio.  The presntation occurred at the annual TI Strategic Planning conference in 1980, and was made by Mr. Pat Haggerty.  According to Elmer: “ This award was given to recognize the importance of the contribution to volume transistor manufacturing at TI that this radio made.  If memory serves me correctly, there were six of us who received this award.  My good friend Jim Nygaard and I received our awards together and I had the privilege of having our wives attend the presentation.  TI gave each of us a plaque and a video tape of the presentation.”    On the right is a photo of a Regengy TR1 chassis from the mid 1950s.  The four color-coded TI transistors can be quite clearly seen, in the mid to lower part of the chassis.  The oval tops of the four devices are colored (from left to right) with yellow, red, black and green paint swatches.  Elmer was part of the team that was responsible for developing and manufacturing these historic transistors.



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