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The above photo shows a “transistor shadow box” which has been constructed for Mr. Elmer Wolff Jr by T.I. technicians.  In this historic display, Elmer has placed samples of many of the semiconductors that he was responsible for developing and refining while working as a semiconductor device engineer at the Texas Instruments Semiconductor Division.  The devices are arranged in time, starting in 1953 on the far left and continuing in annual increments until 1959 on the far right.  An additional shadow box was  made to document the work from 1960 through 1966.  From my perspective, the historical importance of this display is inestimatable, and represents a truly significanrt archive in the overall history of semiconductor development.    On the right is a timeline provided by Mr. Wolff, indicating professional highlights in his career at TI.




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1. August 3, 1953

Started at TI as a Development Engineer for Grown Junction Devices.  Wrote the TI Device Data Sheet for the 200/201/202 Series Transistors.

2. March, 1954

 Assigned Responsibility for the Type 800 Series Phototransistor.  Built AutoLight Dimmer for Cars.

3. March, 1954

Began Work on Transistors To Be Used in the First Commercial Transistor Radio (Regency TR1).

4. December, 1954

IDEA Corp/Regency Radio Introduced Using Four Color-coded TI Transistors.

5. July, 1956

Presented New Device (2N389 Silicon Diffused Power Transistor) at WESCON Conference.

6. August, 1957

Interdigitation of Contacts.

7. November, 1964

European Assignment: Engineering Mgmt.

8. March, 1980

25th Anniversary Celebration of Regency TR1 Transistor Radio at TI Annual Planning Conference.    

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