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 Elmer Wolff Jr (Continued)


 This radio project was one of the most interesting and memorable experiences of my life from a technical nature.  The mass production of the transistor radio did start to achieve the dreams of all the members of the original team.  I cannot explain the intensity of the feelings that existed within the team members – we would trust our lives to each other.  I am happy to tell you that these feelings still exist among the surviving members today.  


Elmer Wolff Jr

August, 2001



See the next three pages for additional related photographs and commentary supplied by Mr. Wolff.  








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Oral History – Elmer Wolff Jr




Here is a section of an ad from the February 1955 edition of Fortune magazine. Note the reference to the “unique transistor production techniques” in the second paragraph of the ad – this is a testament to the importance of the pioneering transistor work at TI as described in Elmer Wolf’s first hand account.  Without these improved TI transistors, it is doubtful there would have been a Regency TR1 transistor radio!



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