H. C. Lin

Oral History – (Continued)





As mentioned in the Oral History, the RCA ISL lab conducted a week long symposium on transistor technology, beginning on Nov 18, 1952, at the RCA Labs in Princeton NJ.  The purpose of the symposium was to demonstrate the great potential of the newly developed RCA transistors;  attendees were RCA licensees and the press.  Dr. Lin developed and demonstrated several unique  transistor applications,  which were documented in the RCA bulletin produced for this seminar.  The photos on the left show Dr. Lin with the Roving Microphone, a device which allowed the user to broadcast his voice to a standard FM radio.   Shown above is another unique device developed by Dr. Lin – it was displayed as an “Experimental Musical Device” and functioned as a wireless musical keyboard which allowed the user to broadcast an octave of musical notes to a local AM radio receiver.  Detailed, interior views of both devices are shown.  The early developmental transistors (white epoxy TA153 style) can be seen mounted in sockets in both devices.



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