H. C. Lin

Oral History – (Continued)






Dr. Lin’s pioneering work on the quasi-complementary audio amplifier is illustrated by the two scans on this page.  To the left is a section of his original patent, developed while he was still at the RCA ISL lab.  As can be seen from the patent drawing, the two output transistors are both PNP, with the driver transistors connected as a complementary symmetry pair (NPN and PNP).  The circuit above is from the text “Handbook of Semiconductor Circuits” and was credited to Dr. Lin when he was employed at CBS/Hytron.  This same circuit also appeared in the September 1956 issue of Electronics magazine.  This practical and elegant design by Dr. Lin continues to be used today.  Its development can be traced back to the work done by Dr. Lin at ISL over 50 years ago when he was experimenting with some of the first power transistors ever made.












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