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Oral History Rob Kleppinger (Continued)


At some point the Somerville plant eased out of the manufacturing business and was used only for research and development. That plant has since been demolished. In the late 1970s, RCA expanded the semiconductor manufacturing activities again by setting up yet another plant in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I think this had originally been a manufacturing facility for the RCA computer business. I went down to this plant in 1980 and stayed until it closed in 1986. I started in a small development group there and then moved over to production, and then to Special Projects (such as particle contamination and diffusion measurements in silicon). When the Palm Beach Gardens plant closed in 1986, I returned to Somerville and was involved in a variety of special projects for Harris, until I retired in 1991.























Oral History Rob Kleppinger (Continued)





These two photos document some of the early germanium diodes and small signal transistors which Mr. Rob Kleppinger worked with during the very early days of RCA transistor development at the Advanced Development Group in the Harrison NJ Tube Division. In the lower photo, the two green units on the left are NPN types (green color was used to quickly identify NPN transistors). The TA191 was the developmental type that was the basis for the production 2N35 type.





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