Robert E. Kleppinger

Oral History –  Continued




Here are two photos relating to various aspects of Mr. Kleppinger’s early transistor work at RCA.  The top photo shows a display developed by Rob which illustrates his work in the mid to late 1960s with Dow Corning to implement plastic transistor packages. In this case, the packaging process for the TA-7035 Dual Gate MOS transistor is shown.  This plastic process was also used successfully for early IC’s.  The photo on the right shows a rubber mold used in the mid 1950s at the Rca Harrison facility to encapsulate germanium transistors in epoxy packages.  This was a very labor intensive process, and was only used in the first two or three years of transistor development.  Shown next to the mold is a 2N41 hearing aid transistor which was encapsulated using the mold.  According to Rob, the very first Rca junction transistors (TA-153) used a similar mold and process.







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