A Transistor Museum Interview with Jack Haenichen

The Development of the 2N2222 – The Most Successful and Widely Used Transistor Ever Developed.

Oral History – Jack Haenichen (Continued)



Motorola actively promoted their new silicon transistor line throughout the 1960s, as shown in the ad above from the August 1963 Proceedings of the IEEE.  Note the reference to “new leader in Total Silicon Technology”.




The above is a section of the Motorola Booth Announcement for the 1962 IRE Electronics Show.  The new STAR transistor technology was introduced at this time, including the 2N2222.   



The 1962 IRE Show was held at the New York Coliseum on March 26 through March 29.  This was the premier Electronics Industry event and was held annually.  (The IRE merged with the AIEE and became known as the IEEE in 1963).  The 1962 Show marked several important milestones in semiconductor history.  For example, as noted by Jack Haenichen in this Oral History, the 2N2222 style of transistor was introduced by Motorola (See the insert above right).  At this same convention, Fairchild was demonstrating their new “micrologic ICs” and Shockley Transistor (which had just been acquired by Clevite) was offering Shockley 4-layer diodes.   Motorola was very successful with the new STAR geometry transistors and actively promoted these revolutionary devices in subsequent issues of the IRE/IEEE Proceedings.  For example, the scan shown at the upper left is a section of an ad from the August 1963  issue of the IEEE Proceedings – this ad highlights the advantages of Motorola’s new silicon transistors, both NPN and PNP types.  Note the reference to the “revolutionary annular process” in the ad text. 


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