An Interview with Carl David Todd

Recollections from the First Days of Transistor Technology

Oral History – Carl David Todd (Continued)




Shown above is a section of the cover page of Carl’s transistor construction article, entitled “The Injecto-cal”, which appeared in the August 1956 issue of Radio and Television News.  The device, designed as a troubleshooting aid for radio and electronic equipment technicians and experimenters, used the newly announced GE 2N107 hobbyist transistors.  To the right is a photo from a GE in-house publication, showing Carl demonstrating his Injecto-cal to executives from GE and the magazine.  (Next to Carl is Jim Sweeney, the GE Semiconductor Marketing Manager; next is   Bill Stocklin, the editor of the Radio and TV News magazine, and on the left is Charles Tepfer, the service editor from the same magazine).   As a GE employee, Carl had just won a $15 award for having his article accepted for publication in R&TV News – this was in conjunction with a GE program to encourage employees to promote the use of the new transistor technology.







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