An Interview with Carl David Todd

Recollections from the First Days of Transistor Technology

Oral History – Carl David Todd (Continued)



The top scan is the schematic of the receiver section of the Transistor Ham Rig project written by Carl and published in the Oct 1958 issue of Electronics Illustrated.  Note the use of a tetrode transistor in the front-end of the receiver – GE had just announced a series of high frequency, germanium tetrode devices for use in such applications, and Carl was quick to respond.  The photo to the right shows a section of a follow up article by an amateur radio operator (Julian Jablin, W2QPQ) with a favorable review of the performance of the ham rig.  Carl wasn’t a licensed radio operator, although he did have the help of the Semiconductor Department’s Personnel Manager who did have an amateur license. To the lower right is a scan from the first page of Carl’s July 1958 article in Radio and Television News, describing his design of a transistorized telephone amplifier.  As with all of Carl’s work, this article was very well written, and was annotated with the following comments from the magazine’s editor: “Here is an article that does more than give the circuit and construction details of a useful and well-performing amplifier.  The detailed design procedures used by the author can be applied to many other transistor circuits….”


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