Jerry Suran – The Story of the Unijunction Transistor 



Oral History – Jerry Suran (Continued)


Jerry, thanks very much for taking the time to discuss this historic work done 50 years ago at General Electric’s   Electronics Laboratory.  I’d like to conclude this interview with a list of your patents and articles related to the unijunction transistor.  Thanks again.


It was a pleasure talking to you.  Below are some of my patents, and all as far as I can ascertain, which relate to the unijunction transistor.


(1) No. 2774875, with Keonjian, filed 7/27/54, granted 12/18/56, “Wave Generating Network”. Content related to junction transistor circuitry for generating wide variety of wave forms.

(2) No. 2780752, with Aldrich and Schaffer, filed 6/16/54, granted 2/5/57, “Semi-Conductor Network”.  Content related to unijunction transistor mixers  and pulse amplifiers.

(3) No. 2802117, with Mathis, filed 5/27/54, granted 8/6/57, “Semi-Conductor network”. Content related to unijunction transistor photoswitch circuits.

(4) No. 2826696, filed 8/30/56, granted 3/11/58, “Double-Base Diode D.C. - A.C. (FM) Converter”. Content related to  unijunction transistor converters.

(5) No. 2859360, filed 12/12/55, granted 11/4/58, “Wave Generator”. Content related to unijunction transistor logic networks.


Oral History – Jerry Suran (Continued)


(6) No. 2863070, with Mathis, filed 3/21/56, granted 12/2/58, “Double-Base Diode Gated Amplifier”. Content related to unijunction transistor gated amplifiers.

(7) No. 2876355, filed 7/26/55, granted  3/3/59, “Waveform Compensation Networks”. Content related to stabilization of unijunction transistor circuits.


Partial listing of Jerry Suran’s unijunction transistor publications:


(1) Low Frequency Circuit Theory of the Double Base Diode, IRE Transactions on Electron Devices, April 1955.

(2) Double Base Expands Diode Applications, Electronics, March 1955. (with E. Keonjian).

(3) A Semiconductor Diode Multivibrator, Proceedings of the IRE, July 1955.

(4) Small Signal Wave Effects in the Double Base Diode, IRE Transactions of Electron Devices, January 1957. (with B.K. Eriksen).

(5) Transient Response Characteristics of Unijunction Transistors, IRE Transactions of Circuit Theory, Sept,1957.

(6) Shea, R.F., et al., Principles of Transistor Circuits, John Wiley and Sons, 1953.

(7) Shea, R.F., et al., Transistor Circuit Engineering, John Wiley and Sons, 1957.





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