Jerry Suran The Story of the Unijunction Transistor


Oral History Jerry Suran (Continued)



Shown above are segments of two primary patents related to the invention and development of the double-base diode (original name for the unijunction transistor). Patent 2780752, filed June 16, 1954, represents the first circuit application for the unijunction transistor. The two circuits shown in this patent provide a clear example of one of the advantages of the unijunction transistor, which is that very few additional components are required for actual use. Patent 2769926 is the original unijunction device patent, filed by Arnie Lesk on March 9, 1953. Note the illustrations of the device construction, with a single PN junction (defined as the emitter) connected to a single germanium bar with two ohmic connections, one at either end of the bar.



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