A Transistor Museum Interview with Ray Andrejasich

Recollections of Early Transistor Radio Technology

at Zenith Radio Corporation 


Oral History – Ray Andrejasich





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Oral History – Ray Andrejasich


During his time at Zenith, Ray worked on the design of a number of different portable radios, including these model numbers: R40, R50, R60, R100, R125, R130, R265, R285 and R555.  These radios spanned a timeframe from approximately the late 1950s to the mid 1960s.  The photos on this page show different views of the R50 radio, which was introduced in 1960 as Zenith’s shirt-pocket sized radio.  There were several colors available, including the subtle “avocado” green shown above left.  At this time Zenith was in fierce competition with Japanese imported radios, which were much less expensive.  As shown above, Zenith used American made transistors (Texas Instruments, in this case) and also made a point of advertising a commitment to the American worker (the label at left was attached to the back of the radio).  The battle with the Far East imports was ultimately lost by Zenith, but not without years of competition. In the late 1960s, Ray was involved in a corporate effort to reduce cost, first by using a Hong Kong based Zenith manufacturing facility, and then with direct import of Japanese made Zenith radios. 





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