A Transistor Museum Interview with Ray Andrejasich

Recollections of Early Transistor Radio Technology

at Zenith Radio Corporation 


Oral History – Ray Andrejasich


Ray’s Career After Leaving Zenith Radio Corporation in 1977.


After leaving Zenith in May 1977, Ray became an Associate Editor for Electronic Packaging and Production Magazine, Milton S. Kiver Publications, Inc.  There he researched and wrote articles on developments in hybrid microelectronics, microprocessors, component packaging, interconnections, as well as manufacturing processes related to these areas.  He also attended conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions, such as NEPCON.  An example of Ray’s work at this magazine is his article “PC Board Profiling Systems”, which was published in the June 1978 edition.    


Beginning in 1978, Ray joined the Emhart Electrical/Electronic Group, Pollulert Systems, P.R. Mallory Co. Inc. in Indianapolis IN.  He was a New Product Engineer with this company, and worked extensively with underground monitoring systems to detect hydrocarbon fluids leaking out of gasoline tanks, such as at gasoline stations.  Ray was very active technically during this timeframe, and was granted 13 patents (shown at right) related to this technology.  He retired from Mallory in 1995.      







Oral History – Ray Andrejasich


Patents Granted to Ray Andrejasich



1)  4,361,031 Granted: Nov 30, 1982.

“Sensing Device”

2)  4,414,441 Granted: Nov 8, 1983.

“Hydrocarbon Responsive Switch”

3)  4,434,650 Granted: Mar 6, 1984.

“Hydrocarbon Sensor Float”

4)  4,442,405 Granted: Apr 10, 1984.

“Float Assembly for a Sensor”

5)  4,586,033 Granted: Apr 29, 1986.

“Fluid Detection System”

6)  4,646,069 Granted: Feb 24, 1987.

“Fluid Detection System”

7)  4,721,950 Granted: Jan 26, 1988.

“Fluid Detector”

8)  4,728,941 Granted: Mar 1, 1988.

“Fluid Detection System”

9)  4,835,521 Granted: May 30, 1989.

“Fluid Status Detector”

10)  4,835,522 Granted: May 30, 1989.

“Tank Inventory/Leak Detection System”

11)  4,890,492 Granted: Jan 2, 1990.

“Differential Pressure Level Sensor with Temperature Sensing Elements”

12)  5,008,653 Granted: Apr 16, 1991.

“Fluid Detector with Overfill Probe”

13)  5,375,454 Granted: Dec 27, 1994.

“Programmable Pump Controller”






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