A Transistor Museum Interview with Ray Andrejasich

Recollections of Early Transistor Radio Technology

at Zenith Radio Corporation  


Curator’s Introduction

Beginning with the introduction of the Royal “500” in 1955, the Zenith Radio Corporation of Chicago became the premier U.S. manufacturer of transistor radios, and maintained that role for over a decade until this market was completely dominated by the large quantity of less expensive radios imported from Far East countries such as Japan and Hong Kong.  During the decade from 1955 to 1965, Zenith designed and manufactured some of the best performing and well remembered American transistor radios, including the Royal 500 series, the 700 Navigator series and the spectacular Trans-Oceanic series.  During this time and into the mid 1970s, Raymond (“Ray”) Andrejasich was an electrical engineer and technical manager with Zenith at the Radio Products group, and his personal recollections of the pioneering work at Zenith with early transistor radio technology are the basis for this Oral History.  Ray’s comments provide a very unique and “hands-on” perspective regarding this exciting time in early transistor history.  This Oral History is based on recent Transistor Museum™ communications with Ray and also on excerpts from a 1996 speech by Ray at the Indiana Historical Radio Society – this latter material is a very comprehensive review of Zenith transistor history, and you’ll find a link to this information in the reference section of the Oral History.




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Curator’s Introduction

Here is a brief summary of Ray Andrejasich’s Zenith career positions and accomplishments:


● Ray graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1957 with a BSEE degree and started working in May for the Zenith Radio Corporation in the Transistor Radio Group.


● From 1957 to 1967, Ray worked on component analysis, started transistorized RF and IF circuit design work, was on a two year military leave of  absence, and designed portable radios for domestic manufacturing. 


● From 1967 to 1971, Ray was the Group Leader for five engineers designing portable radios for Zenith Hong Kong manufacturing facilities. This position required extensive travel to Hong Kong.


● In 1971 and 1972, Ray was the Department Head for Electrical Engineering for Portable Radios and was responsible for the overseas manufacture of portable radios. 


● From 1972 to 1977, Ray was the Section Manager for Electrical Engineering for Radio Products, with complete responsibility of product from conception to start of production. 


● Ray left Zenith in 1977, after a 20 year career working closely with all aspects of transistor radio design and production.




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