TI, the Transistor, and Me 

By Ed Millis


A New Book on Early Transistors!




The 267 page book is $20.00 plus $1.65 tax if you live in Texas, plus $3.50 shipping.


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Ed Millis Books

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Dallas, TX 75238





Ed Millis, an employee of Texas Instruments for 37 years, has written a book, "TI, the Transistor, and Me," of his adventures and misadventures while working at this famous company back in the 50s, 60s and 70s.  He denies that it's a history of TI and calls it "my dis-integrated circuit through Texas Instruments."



 Jack Kilby, inventor of the microchip at Texas Instruments and recent Nobel Prize winner said this about the book:  "A funny irreverent story of an engineer growing up in Dallas, and within a major company in the high-tech industry. I enjoyed it!"


Jack Ward, curator at the Transistor Museum, provided the following comments: “Mr. Ed Millis is uniquely qualified to comment on the early history of the transistor at Texas Instruments. After joining Geophysical Service, Inc., predecessor of Texas Instruments, in 1950 as an engineer on military electronic equipment, Ed transferred in June 1954 to the Semiconductor organization.  This was the beginning of a decade’s long and successful association between Ed and TI semiconductors.   In his new book, Ed has created a very readable, detailed  account of the technically challenging and personally rewarding years he spent at TI. He has created a “personal” perspective, using a lucid (and humorous) writing style – you’ll think you actually know the “larger than life” engineers and managers who helped establish this company as one of the premier semiconductor manufacturers in the world. This is a must-read book!” 


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