Edwin G. Millis




Here are two photos relating to various aspects of Mr. Millis’ early transistor work at Texas Instruments.  The top photo is a room shot of the early CAT machines in the TI "Expressway Site" building manufacturing floor. Note the old-fashioned hand testing going on in the foreground.  As discussed in this Oral History, Ed was a member of the team which developed the CAT machines.  The photo on the right is from an ad shown in the October 1957 Proceedings of the IRE and illustrates operators using the 2N185 beta-matching machine (with all the drinking glasses!) designed and built by Ed and mentioned in his Oral History.  According to Ed, TI ran this ad in order to attract engineers to hire into TI.  The text below the ad read, in part, “Homely articles like water glasses and light bulbs are used in this automated selector built by TI mechanization engineers.  Now, non-technical TI-ers close a circuit with a transistor just off the production line; wait a second for the circuit to evaluate it; then pop the unit into a glass that lights up.  This matching operation is another advance toward automation of semiconductor manufacture to free technical personnel for other important duties…”










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