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Oral History – Bob Slade (Continued)





RCA launched a large scale promotional activity in the early 1950s to ensure public recognition of this new technology.  Shown above is Dr. E.W. Engstrom, VP of RCA Labs, in the January 1953 Radio Age magazine.  He is pointing to samples of the ten different types of developmental transistors then available at RCA – the three rightmost in the front row are all TA point contact types.  The top right photo is a section of an ad from the September  1952 U.S. News and World Report. It is likely that the TA166 was the transistor highlighted in this ad. (There is one of Bob’s TA166 transistors on display at the Smithsonian museum).  To the right is an article from the front page of the February 25, 1952 Herald Tribune newspaper, describing the new “Bean-Sized” device from RCA which would have a major impact in electronics.  RCA gave credit to Bell Labs for the initial invention of the transistor, but commented that RCA’s version (developed by Bob Slade) was the most dependable.


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