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Oral History – Bob Slade (Continued)


Bob published a series of authoritative articles in three issues of Radio and TV News magazine in late 1952 (see reference [3] below.  Shown at left is a section of the first part of the series.  Prior to these articles, there had not been a comprehensive survey of the state-of-the–art status of transistor development published in the popular electronics press.  Due to the extensive work being done at RCA, Bob was able to present a very thorough review of transistor technology, including both point contact and junction types.



List of Bob Slade Oral History References (RCA Only)


[1] Jerry Herzog Oral History Link (provides a detailed discussion of the RCA experimental television receiver from 1952, which was constructed using TA165 and TA166 transistors in the front end circuitry). 


[2] “The Transistor – Or 25 Miles on a Hunk of Germanium”, QST, March, 1953.  (This is the first documented use of a transistor ham radio transmitter.  The unit was constructed using a single TA165/166 type point contact transistor).


[3]  “Survey of Transistor Development, Parts 1, 2 and 3”, Radio and Television News, Sept, Oct and Nov, 1952. (This series by Bob is a very thorough treatment of 1952 transistor technology). 


[4] H. C. Lin Oral History Link (provides a detailed discussion of the first “Hi Fi” audio amplifier built at RCA in 1954/55,  which used prototype power transistors developed by Bob Slade and his team).   


[5]  Bob wrote numerous technical articles on transistor technology while at RCA – this is a partial list:


 “A High-Performance Transistor with Wide Spacing Between Contacts”, RCA Review, Dec, 1950.


 “Transistors Operate at 300MC”, with George Rose, Electronics, Nov, 1952.


 “The Control of Frequency Response and Stability of Point-Contact Transistors”, Proceedings of the IRE,     Nov, 1952.


 “High-Frequency Operation of P-Type Point-Contact Transistors”, with Fred Hunter, RCA Review, Mar, 1952.


 “Recent Advances in Power Junction Transistors”,  RCA Transistors 1, 1956.


 “Large-Area Germanium Power Transistors”, with Jane Printon, RCA Review, Mar, 1958.



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