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Oral History – Joel Ollendorf



1972-1988: After Joel’s return to RCA, he provided project leadership for the 1.25 micron VHSIC CMOS/SOS program at the RCA Microelectronics center.  He was also responsible for type engineering for the Hellfire Missile program. In addition, he was the section manager responsible for type engineering of flight hardware for the Trident I missile system.  Prior to this program, he had responsibility for various aspects of process developemnt of early conventional CMOS.






These are two prototype transistors developed by Joel Ollendorf during his early career at RCA.  The TA-212J is a small signal germanium alloy type from 1954/55, demonstrating progress in hermetic seals. The larger TA-1556 is a 1956 prototype of the highly successful 2N301 germanium power transistor.  




Oral History – Joel Ollendorf



The following is a listing of the eight patents granted to Joel Ollendorf.   


4,100,561 – July 11, 1978:  Protective Circuit for MOS Devices.


4,088,406 – May 5, 1978:  Method of Performing Contactless Photolithography.

(With Frank J. Cestone)


4,006,909 - Feb 8, 1977:  Semiconductor Wafer Chuck with Built-In Standoff for Contactless Photolithography.

(With Frank J. Cestone)


3,609,460 – Sept 28, 1971:  Power Transistor Having Ballasted Emitter Fingers Interdigitated with Base Fingers.

(With Frederick P. Jones)


3,600,646 – Aug 17, 1971:  Power Transistor.

(With Norbert William Brackelmanns)


3,532,944 – Oct 06, 1970:  Semiconductor Devices Having Soldered Joints.

(With Frederick P. Jones)


2,965,962 – Dec 27, 1960:  Hermetic Seal and Method of Making the Same.

(With Herbert  R. Meisel)


2,905,873– Sept 22, 1959:  Semiconductor Power Devices and Method of Manufacture.

(With James Bibby) 


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