Gerald B. Herzog

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The Audio Links Provided on This Page are Excerpted from Material Provided by Gerald Herzog During 2002/2004.




Oral History – Jerry Herzog

Historic Audio Recordings




Describing the Transistor Curve Tracer Developed at RCA

 Labs in 1952.

Herzog Audio Clip #1



What’s in a Name?  Selecting the Name for the Complementary Symmetry Transistor Circuit.

 Herzog Audio Clip #2



Liquid Cooled Transistors Tested for the First Transistor Television in 1952. 

Herzog Audio Clip #3





RCA Takes the First Step in Commercializing CMOS

 Integrated Circuits.

 Herzog Audio Clip #4








The Following Pages of This Oral History Provide Additional Information on Jerry Herzog’s Pioneering work on the First Transistorized TV Receiver, Designed and Built by Jerry, Bob Lohman and George Sziklai at the RCA Labs in 1952.


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