Gerald B. Herzog – First Transistor Television

Oral History – (Continued)













Here are two views of the first transistor television, separated by 50 years.  The top photo was taken recently (2003) at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, Information Age Exhibit, where the historic television is on permanent display.  Clearly visible are the toluene-filled white metal TA155 power transistors (six of these can be seen in the center of the photo).  To the right of these power transistors are several of the smaller TA153/154 style transistors – some of these are also mounted directly below the picture tube.  The photo on the left is from 1952, and shows the transistor television in actual use, as it was demonstrated to the RCA licensees and executives.  Jerry Herzog’s technical and personal commentary regarding his work on the first transistor television is a fitting addition to the preservation of this unique device and provides a historic perspective from an engineer tasked with working with samples of the earliest transistors.     
















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