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Oral History – Norm Ditrick (Continued)


I think you have already written about Fred Hunter and Robert Kleppinger.  Also, I worked quite a bit with Joel Ollendorf.  There was another name, Art Chettle; I remember Art as a very well liked manager. He managed what we called the “Model Shop”.    This was the facility where the early experimental transistors were built.  The way this worked was that developmental devices would be built first by the development group and then the Model Shop was the next step before actual production – the Model Shop was where we would try to find and solve any production problems before gearing up to high volumes.  It is hard to believe that this all happened almost fifty years ago!     



This is a photo of a one of the very few gallium arsenide junction transistors ever made.  As mentioned by Norm in the Oral History, this research program was funded by the military in the early 1960s because of the seeming great potential of GaAs transistors with regard to temperature stability.  In the end, the program was terminated because of the very low gain that these devices exhibited.  Norm also made GaAs tunnel diodes and rectifiers as part of this work.    



Oral History – Norm Ditrick (Continued)


This is a partial list of semiconductor related papers authored/co-authored by Mr. Norman Ditrick:


“Uniform Planar Alloy Junctions for Germanium Transistors”, by C.W. Mueller and N.H. Ditrick, RCA Review, March 1956.


“Design, Construction, and High Frequency Performance of Drift Transistors”, by Aaron L. Kestenbaum and Norman H. Ditrick, RCA Review, March 1957.


“Design and Fabrication of Germanium Tunnel Diodes”, by Herbert Nelson and Norman H. Ditrick, RCA Engineer, Aug/Sept 1960.


“Bipolar/MOS Interface Circuit Design and Technology”, by Howard Beelitz and N. H. Ditrick, RCA Engineer, Oct/Nov 1971.



Semiconductor related patents granted to Mr. Ditrick are:


#2761800 issued Sept 6, 1956 titled “Method of Forming P-N Junctions in N-Type Germanium”


#3334281 issued Aug 1, 1967 titled “Stabilizing Coatings for Semiconductor Devices”


#3368124 issued Feb 6, 1968 titled “Semiconductor Devices”


#3455020 issued July 15, 1969 titled “method of Fabricating Insulated-Gate Field – Effect Devices”








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