A Transistor Museum Interview with Wilf Corrigan

Personal Reflections on Motorola’s Pioneering 1960s

Silicon Transistor Development Program


Oral History – Wilf Corrigan



Wilf Corrigan Oral History References


[1]  Wilf Corrigan Silicon Genesis Interview  

[Comment: An excellent and detailed presentation of Wilf’s career, as recounted in a 1998 interview by Rob Walker of the Silicon Genesis project.]


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[7]  Wilf Corrigan Transistor Museum Interview

[Comment:  This is the complete text of the Transistor Museum interview with Wilf Corrigan, conducted on Sept 24, 2006.   


[8] “Production Engineering Measure.  Production of a Silicon Planar Epitaxial Transistor with a Maximum Operation Failure Rate of 0.001% per 1000 Hours at a Confidence Level of 90% at 25C”. Motorola, Inc. Oct 30, 1963. [Comment: This is an approx 100 page report, developed by Motorola under contract with the U.S. military to improve the existing transistor production processes to meet high reliability requirements]. 


[9] “The American Dream in a Kilt”, Wingspan Press, 2006. George D. Wells. [Comment: Excellent insight into early semiconductor companies from an author who was there].




    Oral History – Wilf Corrigan



MP3 Audio Clips excerpted from the Sept 24, 2006 Transistor Museum Interview with Wilf Corrigan


Process Improvements Implemented in 1960s Silicon Transistor Technology.

Wilf Corrigan Audio Clip #1



Reliability Problems with Early Motorola Plastic Transistors.

Wilf Corrigan Audio Clip #2



Motorola 1960s Silicon Transistors.

Wilf Corrigan Audio Clip #3



Epitaxy and the Annular Ring.

Wilf Corrigan Audio Clip #4



“First-Mover” Advantage for Motorola.

Wilf Corrigan Audio Clip #5



The Motorola Transistor Program When You Left in 1968.

Wilf Corrigan Audio Clip #6




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