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 “The Early History of Transistors in Germany”


Rudi Herzog (Continued)




The top photo is a drawing of an OC50 point contact transistor from VALVO, 1954.  The orange unit above is a junction type from TEKADE, 1955.  The radios shown in the upper right are the Regency TR1, the first all transistor radio from USA in 1954.  Next to it is a TELEFUNKEN TR1, from 1955.  This is a very rare radio, as described by Rudi in the text.






Rudi Herzog (Continued) 




Electronic magazines report of the TELEFUNKEN TR-1 transistor radio. But it should take again more than a year until the very first handheld transistorized radio came to market. On the Leipzig-Fair in East-Germany the very first East German transistors OC811 and OC812 are displayed.  In June 1956 VALVO reached the 1-million-barrier on production of the OC70 transistors.  In fall of 1956 the first transistors for IF-stages were presented:


OC45 from VALVO



In December TELEFUNKEN has the OC604 spez, a small power transistor for single-end-AF-stages (50 milliwatts output). This transistor should be used for the audio output-stage of the first German handheld transistor-radio, that came to market in April of 1957.


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