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 “The Early History of Transistors in Germany”


Rudi Herzog (Continued)


The next big step of development took place at the Industrial Fair in April 1954 again: The “Big Three“ of German electronic industry introduced the first German junction transistors :


SIEMENS & HALSKE presented  TF70 and TF71 which were npn-types.


TELEFUNKEN showed the OC601 and OC602 , both pnp-types.


VALVO came up with the OC70 and OC71 . These two pnp-transistors OC70 and OC71 in Germany became as popular as the CK722 in the US and were used in do-it-yourself applications to the end of the 1970‘s.  


All these junction-transistors were available in retail by June 1954.  In October 1954 VALVO presented the first German power-transistor OC15  ( 4 watts). Note that in the same month, the world’s first portable transistor radio TR-1 from Regency came to market in the US.


This is a photo of the first commercial junction transistor available from Siemens & Halske.



Rudi Herzog (Continued) 





The two photos above illustrate (1) TELEFUNKEN OC601 pnp junction transistor and (2) VALVO OC70 pnp junction transistor.  Both from 1954. 




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