An Interview with Paul Penfield Jr.


Oral History Ė Paul Penfield Jr.



One last comment about transistors and my work at MIT.Our department just had its 100th birthday party, in May 2003.As a matter of fact, I was asked to provide the keynote address on the history of our department, the 100 year history, which I did.Of course, many of the developments at MIT since 1950 have to do with semiconductors in one form or another because that technology became so pervasive and dominant, first as transistors, then as integrated circuits, then as VLSI and now as system integration.If youíre interested in following up on this, both the written and spoken version of the keynote address can be found on my website at:



Museum Curatorís Note: In addition to providing an overview of Paulís career at MIT, this above website also provides a very comprehensive index of Paulís transistor related articles, published from 1954 through 1958.There are over 60 of these articles, and this total surely qualifies Paul as one of the most prolific authors of transistor material in the 1950s!



Youíll also find more details on a few of Paulís transistor construction and hobbyist articles on the remaining pages of this Oral History:


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Oral History Ė Paul Penfield Jr.




These Audio Links are Excerpts from the August 2003 Interview

with Paul Penfield Jr.



First Recollections on Transistors

Paul Penfield Jr. Audio Clip #1



Building a Transistorized Audio Remote Amplifier at Amherst College in 1953

Paul Penfield Jr. Audio Clip #2



Publishing Transistor Articles

and Paying MIT Tuition

Paul Penfield Jr. Audio Clip #3



Complete Early Transistor

Audio Series

Paul Penfield Jr. Audio Clip #4



Transistor Construction Articles

Paul Penfield Jr. Audio Clip #5





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