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My first photo is of the smaller Transistor Products Inc. (TP) power transistors.   Clevite bought out Transistor Products in 1954 and so final production items from 1955 onward will have a CT/P decal or marking.


Top Row: L-TO-R:  The first one is probably one of those early hand-made experimental versions that Prof. Fletcher made himself of the very first power device ever produced, the X-78, this from mid-1953.  The next one is still a TP prototype version of the X-78 (rated at about 2 watts dissipation) but is constructed like the finished version, finally advertised and produced in early 1954.  The next one is a TP prototype X-102 (rated at 1/4 watt dissipation), the production version which came out in early/mid 1955.  The middle item is a TP developmental device called an X-106 and has a corrugated exterior heat-sink the same height as the body (about 3/8").  The next one, although not marked, is similar in height to the X-106 but has an almost 3/4" high corrugated heat-sink - these two appear to precede the next CT/P production item, the X-107.


Bottom Row: L-TO-R:  On the left is a CT/P type X-107 production unit from early/mid 1955 – it was rated at 2 1/4 watts dissipation and has a 3/4" tall corrugated external heat-sink.  The final item is another production device, called the CT/P X-125, (rated at 1.2 watts dissipation, and no heat-sink) also released in early/mid 1955.   The CT/P “X” production types were apparently somewhat limited in numbers, as so few have survived.     


All these shown dissipation ratings came from a June 1955 Transistor Spec Chart.




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