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August 22, 2012


 Hans Camenzind passed away on August 15, 2012 at the age of 78.  I met Hans only once, back in 2004 when he flew out to Boston for the Transistor Museum interview to discuss his work with the 555 timer.   He was very personable, enthusiastic and eager to preserve the story of how he invented the legendary 555 IC.  As you’ll discover in the Transistor Museum Hans Camenzind Oral History, he was solely responsible for the original concept of the 555 and all aspects of the design.  You may also be amazed at the details of IC design work back in 1972, as described by Hans – he used a razor blade and laid out the components by hand! 


Hans maintained an active interest in the history of electronics and this is best illustrated by his 2007 book, “Much Ado About Almost Nothing – Man’s Encounter with the Electron”. This is a highly readable and informative account of the people who have contributed to our modern understanding of electronics, and includes such notables as Ben Franklin, Nikola Tesla, and Robert Noyce. Here is the link to the site that Hans developed to discuss the book:


I received my copy of the book from Hans, and autographed by him, on March 19, 2007.  The inscription read, in part - “I have written a new book, this time for the general public.  The main audience is a reader interested in technology or a student.  I find that following the discoveries is the easiest way to learn.  And many of the discoverers are such interesting people.”    


Yes, Hans, I must agree.  Many of the discoverers are such interesting people.  Rest in peace.



Hans Camenzind - In Memorium


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