Sandy Barnes

Oral History – (Continued)







These are photos of various historic semiconductor devices from the first 15 years or so of transistor development.  The two units at the lower left are close-up views of opposed surface point contact transistors made by Sandy at Hughes in 1949, as described earlier in this Oral History.  These are the earliest examples of transistors to be yet documented in the TransistorMuseum.  The “Diode Plant Tour” shown at the upper left is a Lucite display (approx 4” X 3”) from the mid 1960s, showing the manufacturing steps required to make a glass encased silicon diode – again, as discussed in this Oral History, Sandy was instrumental in developing the technology for these devices.    The PSI PT920 is a high power, high frequency silicon transistor, date code 1962, from Pacific Semiconductors Inc, during the time frame when Sandy was Manager of Transistor Development of this company.  The remaining photo has been included to illustrate the wide range of semiconductor products available from PSI – it is a 1960s “microtransistor” from PSI. This precisely manufactured product also illustrates the almost unbelievable technological growth that occurred in transistor development during the 15 years from the “hand made” point contact transistors which started Sandy’s career in 1949.



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