An Interview with Carl David Todd

 Recollections from the First Days of Transistor Technology


Oral History – Carl David Todd (Continued)


Later, Raytheon was very smart in promoting a circuits design contest. I entered a design for a transistorized flip-flop, a somewhat basic circuit in computers.  You can imagine my extreme surprise when I received a telegram informing me that I had won 6th place, and a $100 prize would be forthcoming!  With the check, they included the names, occupations, and address of the other winners.  I wrote letters to the top five winners and received acknowledgements from several.  Peter Sulzer, who I believe won first prize with his stable audio oscillator, was very encouraging.








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Oral History – Carl David Todd (Continued)



The scan above is the letter received by Carl from Raytheon, awarding him 6th place and $100 for the CK722 project he had submitted to the 1953 transistor design contest. Shown at left is a rendition of Carl’s CK722 project, as illustrated in the March 1954 issue of the Auburn Engineer magazine.  When Carl wrote this article, as an electrical engineering student at Auburn University, he had already developed more hands-on transistor experience than most practicing transistor professional engineers.



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