Jerry Suran – The Story of the Unijunction Transistor 


Oral History – Jerry Suran (Continued)












Shown on this page are photos of various early unijunction transistor devices. The two units shown together at the upper right are actual lab prototypes that were developed in Arnie Lesk’s lab and then used as the basis for the first unijunction applications by Jerry Suran.  Note the fragile germanium bar with attached emitter lead internal to each device.  Shown above is a sample of a more mature prototype, with a solid epoxy case and a more rugged lead attachment process.  You can view the germanium die through the epoxy case. This 1953 prototype is still functional.   Finally, shown to the right, are examples of early pre-production E-Lab devices, which were fabricated in the 1954 timeframe.  Note use of the metal cases, which would have been a requirement for actual commercial use.  The triode (labeled “38-2”) is a germanium unijunction, while the remaining unit is a germanium tetrode prototype.  Both of these units are still functional.


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