An Interview with Homer Coonce

 Early Transistor Digital Logic - Flyable TRADIC to Nike Zeus


Oral History – Homer Coonce





[1] Herbert, N.J., “Point Contact Transistor Development”, Bell Laboratories Record, February 1956.  This article is probably the most comprehensive survey of mature point contact transistor technology from Bell Labs.  Very readable.



[2] Brown, L. C.,  “Flyable TRADIC: The First Airborne Transistorized Digital Computer”,  IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol. 21, No. 4, 1999.  Louis Brown has provided an excellent and thorough description of the Flyable TRADIC, including hardware, programming and project details – this includes material and comments supplied by Homer Coonce.



[3] Irvine, M. M., “Early Digital Computers at Bell Telephone Laboratories”, IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, July-Sept, 2001. Maury Irvine’s 20 page article is unmatched for documenting the history of Bell Labs computers, including a comprehensive discussion of the TRADIC project computers. 






Oral History – Homer Coonce




[4] Handbook of Service Instructions, TRADIC Flyable Research Model, Volime 1 of 9, The TRADIC System; The Bombing and Navigation Problem; Digital Computers, 1 September 1957 – Publication of Bell Telephone Laboratories, for the United States Air Force. This 179 page report provides detailed coverage of the Flyable TRADIC, with emphasis on the computer structure and operation, including an excellent description of how the TRADIC was programmed.



[5] TRADIC Flyable Research Model Program, Summary Engineering  Report.  Date of Report: 1 December 1958, Reporting Period: 1 January 1954 to 31 August 1958, Prepared by Bell telephone Laboratories. This 189 page report is a comprehensive summary of the Flyable TRADIC program, and is likely the most comprehensive documentation relating to this subject.  Photos, schematics and text provide indepth coverage of the project.




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