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by David DeWitt and Arthur L. Rossoff

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Author’s Comments (Continued)

Art Rossoff


I stayed in this position with General Instruments until 1968, and then moved on to Grumman as staff to the Chief Engineer for the Apollo Space program.  This was an extremely exciting position and I enjoyed it very much.  I stayed there until 1972. At that point, I became the Assistant to the President of Brooklyn Polytechnic and have stayed at the University ever since, retiring in 1987, but continuing to the present as a consultant.


Can you describe your work at Radio Receptor when you started in semiconductors?


When I started in 1953, I really had no past experience with transistors – the technology was very new.  I remember reading a story about transistors in the NY Times – that was the extent of my prior exposure.  At the time, Bill Harding was running the lab, Paul Petrack was in charge of production, and Herman Fialkov was the Chief Mechanical and Production engineer. Dave DeWitt supplied the technical leadership to this operation.  Dave was a Renaissance man, extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in many areas.  He was a very good friend of mine and, in many ways, a mentor, much my senior.



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