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Trans-Atlantic Amateur Radio Contact


Above is a 2010 photo of Gus Fallgren, at left, and Dick Wright.  They are holding the transatlantic transistor transmitter, constructed in 1956.


The October 1956 edition of the Raytheon News featured a story on the transmitter.  Shown above are Al Hankinson, Dick Wright and Gus Fallgren, inspecting the device.


The sepia toned photograph at right was taken in 1956 at Gus Fallgren’s radio shack by G.E Meyers, who was a professional photographer hired by Raytheon to document the historic transmitter.  A series of related photographs was taken at that time.  Note the extra Raytheon transistor, shown positioned underneath the transmitter.  The color photograph was taken at Gus’s radio shack in 2010 and shows the current condition of the transmitter.  Note the original blue Raytheon transistor mounted at the rear of the device.  At some point in the 1960s, the other transistor was replaced with an updated germanium transistor, mounted in a ribbed heatsink.  The transmitter has not been used for many years.  

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