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Burwen Lafayette Transistor Amp Edit.JPG

1960s Transistorized 200 Watt Stereo Amplifier


Burwen Patent 2695337 Edits Color.JPG

Burwen Small Amp Sept 1959 El World Edits.JPG

1959 One Watt Transistor Audio Amplifier



Shown above is a segment of Dick Burwen’s first patent, filed on Feb 20, 1950.  The power audio amplifier described in this patent uses vacuum tube technology – transistors were still experimental and viewed as laboratory curiosities at this time (Bell Labs first publically announced the transistor less than two years earlier in June 1948).  Dick’s work in audio and electronics has resulted in a broad range of significant patents; the complete list of his patents is provided below.  These patents encompass the development of electronics used in audio technology since the 1950s, and document the emergence of modern transistors and integrated circuits in high fidelity audio circuit design.     



Richard Burwen Patents: 2695337, 3088076, 3182268, 3209277, 3210689, 3364357, 3467908, 3500218, 3533002, 3678416, 3732371, 3753159.


Over the past five decades, Dick Burwen has designed a broad range of transistor audio amplifiers, incorporating improvements as semiconductor technology has improved.  Shown at top is a 200 watt transistor amplifier designed for Lafayette Radio and sold as the Model LA-280.  Also shown is the schematic of a one watt (actually .9 watt) amplifier designed by Dick and described in the Sept 1959 Electronics World publication.  Dick has designed and built hundreds of amplifiers and related devices since the 1950s.  

Richard S. Burwen – Additional Historic Material

Dick Burwen has developed a website which provides comprehensive coverage of his many career accomplishments and activities.  Use the link below to view this additional historic material.


Richard S. Burwen Online Biography

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