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Notable Contributions, Continued


Shown above is the 1961 Basic Transistor Lab kit, assembled for “Experiment 7”, a one transistor/diode radio. The circuit diagram is shown below.



Beginning in the early 1960s, GE introduced a series of “learn-by-doing” educational kits for young hobbyists in the electronics field.  The first of these kits, introduced in 1961, featured a delightful instruction booklet written by Len (see cover above).  Len developed a number of these GE kits in the 1960s, all of which used the pegboard construction techniques found in Len’s other free-lance electronics articles and books during this same timeframe.   As noted in the interview audio clips in this Historic Profile, this pioneering work for GE was Len’s first indepth exposure to transistor technology.  Other GE kits included “Transistor Radio”, “Transistor Transmitter”, “Shortwave Radio”, “Intercom”, and “Advanced Electronics”.    Many of today’s radio, electronics and computer professionals likely still remember their first exposure to transistors using one of these kits developed by Len.

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