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Len’s career as a free-lance writer was heralded with the new column, “CB CORNER”, in the September 1961 issue of Electronics Illustrated.  Shown at top is the cover banner for this column.  At left is a photo of Len at work in his home laboratory, and here is how the EI editor described Len’s qualifications:


“LEN BUCKWALTER, who with this issue begins a regular column devoted to Citizens Band radio, is a veteran engineer-writer in the electronics and radio field.  He has served as engineer and chief engineer of three commercial radio stations and formerly was a design engineer specializing in radio-frequency and audio equipment.  Len holds an arm-length list of licenses.  In addition to his CB ticket, he has Advanced Class amateur, First Class Commercial Radiotelephone and Radiotelegraph licenses.  He thus is able to delve deeply into the circuitry and components of CB equipment to test and evaluate it.  Len is now a full-time free-lance writer with an extensive personal laboratory at his home in Norwalk, Conn.  A 1951 graduate of New York University, he is married and the father of a daughter.  His column will be devoted to all aspects of Citizens Band operations, covering equipment, regulations, procedure, etc.”


Shown at right is a section of an ad from this issue of EI.  There was great interest in Citizen’s Band radio at this time, as demonstrated by the high prices for the equipment in the ad.  Note also that 1961 technology was at a transition point between vacuum tubes (the Deluxe Transceiver in the ad had 14 tubes) and the 9-transistor  “Walkie Talkie”.  

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